Name: Antony Favion Perez Lopez


Antony is a sweet little boy. He enjoys playing with balls and cars, drawing and just being a little boy.  Antony lives with his mom and dad.  His dad can not find consistent work.  He is only able to work 7-12 days a month and has an income of only $3.75 a day.  At the most, that is $45 a month.   It is not enough to provide for Antony and his mom.  Please consider helping Antony have a brighter future! Click below to sponsor him.




Name: Brandon David Marica Flores

Age: 5

Brandon is a sweet young boy who enjoys doing his homework, playing with toys, drawing and paining. Brandon said that when he is older, he wants to be a police officer. He lives with his mom, dad and sister.  Brandon’s dad is hardworking and has a job in construction.  His income of only $226.80 a month is not sufficient to meet their needs. Please consider sponsoring Brandon to give him hope for a brighter future! Click below to sponsor him.




Name: Beatrice del Socorro Anton Perez


Beatrice is a sweet little girl, but a little shy.  She loves playing with balls and playing with her cousin.  She lives with her mother, grandmother and uncle. Beatrice is raised by a singe mother. Her mom is hard working and wants to work, but work is scarce and she is not able to find a job.  Please consider helping Beatrice have a brighter future! Click the link below to sponsor her.