On Jan 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and even more injured. Millions of people were left without homes, food, and water. Within days, support began pouring in, and the best kind, the human kind, quickly followed. One of these teams, comprised of twenty-two Charlotte, NC area doctors, physician assistants, physician assistant students, and community members traveled to Les Cayes, Haiti to work in a local hospital and help relieve the suffering in that area.  Out of that trip, Bless Back Worldwide (BBW) was formed.

 BBW Vision:

The vision of Bless Back Worldwide is to send people with their unique God given gifts, passions, and resources on “Bless Back” trips to change the world.  They believe each person is uniquely created and blessed by God to “Bless Back”.  Simply put, they are a “re-gifting organization”.  

While BBW volunteers continue to provide medical care to those oppressed, impoverished, and suffering, they have expanded their impact by investing in projects that meet basic life sustaining needs.  Endeavors to improve education, building projects, sports camps, and agricultural enterprises are a few of the ministries Bless Back is bringing to those who so desperately need them.  

In 2012 BBW expanded their outreach into Nicaragua and made Los Rayos de Esperanza their primary ministry partner in the country.  The Medical Clinic at Los Rayos de Esperanza is being built and will be staffed by medical teams from BBW.

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